Fun Bingo-Themed Recipes

Fun Bingo-Themed Recipes

Make the event extra memorable when hosting a bingo night for friends or family by serving food that compliments the game, like Rotel Dip and Italian Pinwheels – everyone will want second helpings!

Human bingo is an entertaining way to break the ice between adults and kids alike! Create your bingo card by filling each square with characteristics about the participants – for instance “Plays basketball” or “My favorite color is yellow”. The first player who gets five consecutive winners!


As party snacks go, cupcakes are perennially popular – these bingo-themed ones from Aspen Jay make the ideal centerpieces for your concessions table!

Cupcakes are mini cakes baked in small cups in special pans. Unlike muffins, cupcakes typically feature frosting and can range in size between fairy cakes and pound cakes; decorating one is much more enjoyable!


Add some bingo flair to your next party with these delectable treats! They are easy to prepare, serving as either snacks or desserts!

Make your game of bingo even more interactive by using food as markers – for instance, in a Christmas-themed bingo game you might use red and green M&Ms or Hershey’s Kisses as marker pieces!

Mythology themed cards offer endless entertainment and adventure. Use characters such as Captain Jean-Luc Picard or Geralt of Rivia from popular TV shows as markers to customize each card in the deck.

Scratch-off Lottery Tickets

Easy Sweet Treat for Bingo Parties: Make circular biscuit counters using icing to mark their numbers; the first person who completes a row wins!

As an alternative bridal shower activity, include a recipe card in every invitation and have guests fill in any open spaces with food items that they plan on eating at the bridal shower. As they read aloud their entries they can cross them off, with the first person to complete his/her card winning the competition!


Add some fun and festive flare to your party favors by tying bingo markers together with ribbon for each guest at your event! They make great table decorations!

Ornaments can be defined as anything which enhances or beautifies.

Staying sanitary while keeping guests satisfied can be made simple with bingo napkins! They’re easy to use and won’t break the bank – plus they fit right in with your theme!


Make homemade cupcakes into entertaining bingo-themed treats by using these cookie cutters and various icing colors – they will amaze your guests! Create something truly delicious using DIY solutions!

Bingo toppers add an elegant, decorative accent to your cupcakes or catering services; and are an inexpensive way of giving any party extra charm without breaking the bank!

Edible Bingo Balls

Dazzle your guests with an unforgettable homemade treat! This simple DIY project allows you to craft mouthwatering bingo letters and numbers party favors with different icing colors to add color and variety!

Rotel Dip is an easy and delicious cheesy appetizer recipe sure to get everyone’s mouth watering before blackout at any bingo party! Your guests will surely be asking when blackout will occur!


Mugs can help create the perfect bingo party theme! Use popular TV shows or time periods, such as Star Trek’s Jean-Luc Picard, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones or Tony Soprano from The Sopranos as inspirations for your party games.

Bingo daubers make great party favors that guests can use again and again in future games! Display them in a basket or tie them with ribbon as one-of-a-kind gifts!


T-shirts make great bingo-themed party favors. Make them extra personal by writing each guest’s name on one, framing and gifting as part of an unforgettable party gift! Bingo markers also make useful and creative giveaways; tie several together with ribbon to form an adorable display and give to kids as an exciting Big Game Bingo activity at your event!

Lucky Charms

General Mills has made some changes over time to their Lucky Charms cereal lineup; specifically by testing and adding new marshmallow pieces like purple horseshoes, blue moons, pots of gold, rainbow s and tasty red balloons.

Make these no bake Lucky Charms treats with just a few inexpensive ingredients and liquid food coloring, adding color if you wish! For an added twist, add in liquid food coloring for tinting the white chocolate coating.