Casino-Related Fun Facts and Trivia

Casino-Related Fun Facts and Trivia

There are a wide variety of casino-related trivia and facts that you might find interesting. For instance, did you know that the Roulette wheel is capable of holding up to 2,598,960 unique five-card hands? Or how about the fact that you can play poker and blackjack online, even though you are a complete beginner?

Roulette wheel holds 2,598,960 unique five-card hands

If you like playing roulette, you may want to know a few casino-related trivia and facts to help you win. You may be surprised at what you find.

The first game of roulette was invented in France in the early 1700s. It is played with five cards. A standard 52-card deck holds 2,598,960 unique five-card hands.

There are two types of roulette wheels: American Roulette and European Roulette. Each has a different set of numbers.

The American Roulette includes 38 numbers. Unlike European Roulette, which has only one green zero, the American wheel has a double zero. This increases the house edge.

Slot machines dispense fruit-flavoured gum

It’s easy to think that slot machines have a long, albeit brief, history. The first was manufactured in the early 20th century by Lion Manufacturing in Chicago. A few years later, the Bell company began producing the same machine in San Francisco. During that same period, the venerable bell company re-branded itself and became the Bell-Fruit Gum company.

The earliest slot machine was a three-reel affair, a la poker. Unlike today’s machines, it was designed to pay legal prizes, which was one reason for its ubiquity. For the uninitiated, the name of the game was to hit the right slot – preferably the big one – as often as possible. In fact, winning three consecutive bells was the most profitable bet of its day.

Myths, legends, and stories

Several civilizations throughout history have employed gambling as a method of acquiring wealth. From the ancient Greeks to the Navajo, casinos have played a major part in the lives of countless people.

There are several myths, legends, and stories surrounding gambling. Some of these may actually have a base in fact, though. They can be a fun diversion and can also destroy a casino’s business.

One of the more interesting myths is the gambling savant. Noqoilpi, the Gambling God, came to Earth to challenge various tribes to play a game or two. He was a great gambler, and he made a splash.

Grosvenor is the world’s smallest casino

Grosvenor Casinos is bringing the world’s smallest casino to Glasgow. Located in a typical London cab, the ‘World’s Smallest Traveling Casino’ is promoting Grosvenor Casino’s online gambling operations. Passengers can book a free ride to any of Grosvenor’s venues in the UK.

The World’s Smallest Travelling Casino will travel across the UK for three weeks. It will pick up passengers in major cities where Grosvenor has a venue. Upon arrival, the cab will feature a real blackjack table, internet gambling facilities, and a bar.

During the campaign, passengers can take advantage of a free ride to any of the Grosvenor casinos in the city of their choice. In addition to this, passengers can choose to make a charitable donation to the Carers Trust.

MIT blackjack team dominated casino blackjack in the 1980s

A group of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) devised a card counting scheme which would eventually make them rich. The team dominated casinos in the 1980s and early 1990s. They capitalized on their statistically significant advantage against the dealer. In the MIT Blackjack Team heyday, there were 50 to 70 players playing at any given time.

While the MIT Blackjack Team was a successful endeavor, they were not the first to do it. One of the earliest teams was formed in 1975 by two Harvard grads, Ken Uston and Semyon Dukach. Their team lasted less than two years before it was broken up.

Las Vegas casinos never use dice with rounded corners

You can tell a lot about a casino by the dice they use. Casinos always use sharp corners on the dice. These corners ensure random rolls. If a dice has rounded corners, chances are that the roll won’t be truly random. In fact, rounded corners can sometimes cause a roll to be influenced by other factors. This is why some casinos will use dice with spots.

There are many ways to cheat at gambling. One is to “burn” dice. Burning dice is a very illegal method. To do this, you rub the dice against the felt of a table. The purpose of this is to dull the edges of the dice. But this technique is not done on any real casino dice.