Bingo Blitz – The Benefits of Playtika’s Social Bingo Game

Bingo Blitz – The Benefits of Playtika’s Social Bingo Game

Bingo Blitz – The Benefits of Playtika’s Social Bingo Game

Bingo Blitz is an online bingo game that was initially created for Facebook, however, when the ownership changed hands from Buffalo Studios to Caesars Entertainment, the benefits of Playtika’s social bingo game went universal.

Playtika was placed in charge of the software and has since then made additions and changes to the game, including more types of games. The expansions of maps and platforms, besides Facebook, gave the software a winning edge over popular social games.

There are many benefits of Bingo Blitz and can be summarized as follows

  • Available on all platforms and mobile devices
  • Free to download and play
  • Allow private or multiple player rooms
  • Built-in reward system
  • Free casino slots, poker, and other games included
  • Over 1 million daily users
  • Contribute financially to humanity

How does Playtika work?

Like all online bingo games, the aim of the game is to align the numbers in the required sets, and cry bingo! But how does Playtika work? Here is how to play bingo blitz.

The Playtika bingo blitz begins by choosing a virtual bingo room, Each player must choose a country and the game features are based on the specifics of the country.  The aim is to complete the bingo format which may be any of four formats

  1. Horizontal
  2. Diagonal
  3. Around the borders
  4. Vertical

Bingo cards are made with 24 numbers across five rows and columns. Once the game begins, the user must listen carefully to find out if his numbers are selected and begin to fill in the spots to align one of the four formats of this game.

The original 75-ball card is the principal bingo card used by Bingo Blitz and carries in-game challenges that let a player earn reward credits.

Can you play bingo blitz without Facebook?

One of the amazing benefits of Bingo Blitz is its availability across multiple platforms. You play via your mobile apps on iOS or Android or just download to Windows on your desktop. There are millions of active players daily, so you can play against players, friends, and family or just jog it privately.

This is by far one of the best bingo games free to download and free to play.  Some users choose to purchase privileges for advancing and earning credits. However, the majority of Playtika’s revenues is generated from in-game advertising.

Is Playtika a gambling game?

Online bingo is considered a form of gambling, however, in order for any activity to be considered a bet, it must also elicit a risk from the user.  Most of the best online bingo sites offer paid games in which the user must stake an amount in each game. Should he fail to make the bingo format, he loses the wager amount.

So, is Playtika gambling? The short answer is no, it is a free game based on a reward system where users can access these credits without the need of investing money. The game is completely free, even though you may choose to purchase dibs. However, you can win the bingo game without them.

There are many casino games built within the Playtika platform, such as slots and poker, that popular betting games. They are included as free and no money risk is permitted from the player. In short, these games are similar to skill games, built for entertainment.

How many games does Playtika have?

In general, Playtika operates platforms with over fifteen games. The games are both standard and casino themed. Here are the games and the summaries.

Bingo Blitz: A free online social bingo, built on the standard 75 slot bingo cards, but including reward systems that can enhance the possibility to win.

Poker: There are two poker options. The Texas Hold’em and poker.  Both online games are included as play-for-free games and do not require risking money.

Slots: Online slots are similar to the Las Vegas bar-pulling machines. The platform offers four different slots including the popular Slotomania.

Grand Harvest Solitaire: Imagine your favorite solitaire game with rewards, doesn’t get any better.

How do you earn in Playtika?

Earning credits is necessary to be able to buy more cards. A bingo game may last between 10 to 15 rounds. But not to worry, once you start learning bingo blitz tips and tricks you will be on your way to bingo!

The Playtika reward system awards loyalty credits for completing tasks such as map conquers called a quest. When a user starts a game, he must choose a country. During the game, his aim is to get to the end of his map. He will earn credit for each successful completion.

When a user completes a map he moves to the next level, and with each level comes higher bonuses – more credits

Financial benefits of Paytika Bingo Blitz

The company has found means and ways to get its players active and hyped up about helping society. In 2020 the company invited users to sponsor virtual meals for COVID-19 victims. It donated 10 meals for every virtual meal that was donated. It donated a total of 1 million meals.

How to download bingo blitz

If you are a bingo or casino gamer, you may just be inclined to try out bingo blitz on your own. It is easy to download and you just need to decide where you wish to download the bingo blitz. Here is how

  1. Navigate to your favorite app store Apple Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store
  2. Chose the platform you wish to use – mobile, smartphone, or desktop
  3. Select Playtika Bingo Blitz
  4. Click to download
  5. The software system should initiate the installation automatically
  6. Click the launch button and set up your game

Playtika Bingo Blitz is one of the largest free software online winning Facebook’s most popular game premium. The game hosts more than one million players daily and saw an increase of 300% just last year.

Bingo Blitz is one of the most beneficial free, online casino games and will continue to grow in membership.